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10 Things That Make You Angry At Work

Aug 21, 2013 -- 8:05am

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Maybeyou can relate to this!  According to a new survey, the average office worker gets angry at work twice a day.  And there are SO MANY THINGS that make us mad, it's possible that we're all just ticking time bombs.  


Here are the top 10 things that make people angry at the office . . .

 1.  Other coworkers taking credit for your work.

 2.  Computer problems . . . from crashes to the Internet going out.

 3.  Rude clients.

 4.  Arguments over making the coffee.

 5.  Not having time for a lunch break.

 6.  The mere fact that it's Monday and the weekend is over.

 7.  People talking to you when you're trying to concentrate.

 8.  Coworkers gossiping.

 9.  The printer not working right.

 10.  Coworkers messing up your desk.


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