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"The Price Is Right" TRIED to Give Away a $285,000 Ferrari . . . BUT...

Apr 26, 2013 -- 10:37am

...The contestant didn't even come CLOSE to winning it...

This week is "Big Money Week" on "The Price Is Right", and yesterday, someone had a chance to win a 2013 Ferrari 458 Spyder.  That's a $285,716 car!

(Photo By: Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

It's the most expensive prize in the history of the show . . . although it won't be for long.  The show is finishing up the week today with a Plinko game worth $500,000.

Yesterday's contestant, Therese, had to win "Three Strikes" to take home the Ferrari.  That's the game where you draw numbered chips from a baseball-shaped bag, and have to match the digits in the price BEFORE you draw three strikes.

Therese didn't get ANY of the digits matched before striking out . . . not even the FIRST digit, despite three tries.  Apparently, she thought it was a $100,000 car . . . then an $800,000 car (???) . . . and then a $600,000 car.

Maybe she was trying NOT to win it.  With the taxes and insurance costs, she might not have been able to AFFORD winning the car.

(You can find the full clip of Therese on YouTube.  Skip ahead to the 3:00 mark.  It actually takes her a long time to NOT win the car.  You can find a shorter clip of the highlights at

Here is The Full 14 ½ Minute Clip From "The Price is Right"


(Again, even though she clearly did WANT to win . . . she may have had to DECLINE it, even if she won.  The taxes and ancillary costs would've surely been well over $100,000 for her to keep and drive the car.)


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