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Four Mistakes You Might Be Making on LinkedIn

Mar 11, 2013 -- 11:00am

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About 200 MILLION people use LinkedIn, the online resume site.  And almost half of them are American.  So having a LinkedIn page is definitely worth it when you're looking for a job.

But just uploading your resume isn't enough anymore.  Check out this list from "Forbes" magazine of four mistakes you might be making with your LinkedIn profile.

Four Mistakes You Might Be Making on LinkedIn


#1.)  Not Using a Picture...According to one expert, you're seven times more likely to have your page viewed if you have a profile picture.

  • But you shouldn't get as creative as people do with their profile pictures on Facebook.  Meaning, don't use a picture of your kids, or one where you're with a big group of friends.
  • Just keep it simple and go with a close-up of your face.  And also make sure it's a RECENT photo.


#2.)  Not Adding a "Summary"... When you edit your profile, it's near the top of the page.  And it's where you're supposed to describe the kind of job you're looking for

  • Once upon a time, you used to have to include an "objective" at the top of your resume, which most people don't do anymore.  But it's still something you SHOULD do on your LinkedIn page.


#3.)  Not Listing Your Full Work Experience...  Since it's online, you don't have to worry about fitting everything on one page.  So it's okay to list all of your past jobs, along with things like volunteer work.

  • (Obviously you don't have to though.  Just make sure it's relevant.  And you can probably leave out the part about how you stripped your way through college)  


#4.)  Setting Up Your LinkedIn Page, Then Never Updating It...  You probably update it with things like promotions or new contacts.  But people who use LinkedIn EFFECTIVELY are the ones who stay active on it.

  • Meaning, they post work-related messages, they join groups, and they make new connections with people who might be able to help them down the line.





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