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Things That Are Worse Than They Used to Be

Mar 07, 2013 -- 10:49am



A New Survey!

Remember the old days?  When everyone was polite, there were only three TV channels, and families actually talked during dinner instead of just staring at their cell phones?

A new survey asked people to name things that aren't as good as they used to be.  And people had NO PROBLEM rattling off a MASSIVE list. 

Here's the top 15:


Survey Says...


#1.)  Manners and politeness.

#2.)  The weather.

#3.)  Bars.

#4.)  Schools.

#5.)  TV.

#6.)  Public transportation.

#7.)  Banks.


#9.)  Music.

#10.)  Doctors.

#11.)  The police.  

#12.)  Hollywood movies.

#13.)  Politicians.

#14.)  Sports.

#15.)  Sex.


So, is ANYTHING actually BETTER than it used to be?

Only FOUR things got positive rankings in this survey:  Restaurants . . . cars . . . vacations . . . and fashion.

(Daily Mail)



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