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Does Wine Really Need To Breathe? Depends On The Wine

Jan 31, 2013 -- 5:53pm

If you’ve ever wondered if allowing wine to breathe before serving it has any affect on the wine’s taste, today’s feature is for you.  According an article on, when wine mingles with air ( their description not mine) wine will typically warm up and the its aroma  will open up as- well allowing a wine’s overall flavor characteristics to improve.

Red wines, for the most part, benefit most from breathing before serving but there are some white wines that also improve with a little exposure. Some red wines, like young cabernets, may take a little more than an hour for flavor softening to take place-so there really is something to this “wine breathing” thing.  I’ve posted the entire article from just click  here  On this site you can learn more about which wines may require breathing and why using a decanter can increase the flavor or your wine. There’s even advice on exactly which exactly where to pour wine into a wine glass and just how far to keep your wine bottle from the glass while pouring.  Oh, be sure to join my wine club here our website too-for special discounts on special events!  Rick’s Wine Club is sponsored by The Rustic Cellar in Boca Raton, where wine IS the main course.

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