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Elvis is in the Building and Pretty Girl, too!

Aug 18, 2014 -- 1:31pm
Elvis: 11 year old neutered male Basset Hound
Well hello, my name is Elvis, and as you might have guessed, I ain't nothing but a hound dog: Basset hound that is. Basset hounds are known for their sense of smell and ability to track. In fact my sniffer is second only to the Bloodhound in terms of awesomeness. What does that mean for you? Well, it means I like nice long walks with lots of stops so I can sniff and investigate everything. If you are looking for a less energetic walking companion, then I am the gentleman for you because I always take my walks at a leisurely pace. As an older gent, I would do best in a quiet environment where I get lots of love but not necessarily lots of hugs. I am pretty protective of my head and especially my ears, so being around people who prefer to cuddle might not be the best fit for me. I might seem like I am picky or high maintenance, but I really just want to make sure we are right for each other. So if you prefer the quieter side of things and like to stop and smell the roses on your afternoon walks, then I would be the perfect dog for your home! By the way, I qualify for the shelter's Senior to Senior program. If you are a senior too and adopt me, my adoption fee will be waived and all you'll pay for is my rabies tag.
Pretty Girl: 2 year old spayed female Domestic Shorthair
Sometimes I'm happy to say hello, and other times I'm feeling a little bashful, but I am a sweet girl. I enjoy playing with cat toys, so a little attention is pretty much all it takes to get me to warm up to you. When I am not playing with fun cat toys, I like to hang out with my cat buddies, and I do enjoy making new cat friends, so if your home has other cats, I would fit in nicely. I get used to kitty friends quicker than people, but one thing I do just adore is sitting in laps. Laps are such a warm and comfy place for a cat to be, don't you think? Occasionally, I get very curious and then I get super spunky. I'm rather adorable during these moments as I make a toy out of anything and everything! As far as cats go, I am super unique with an awesome personality. I would be the perfect addition for your home, so please feel free to spend some time getting to know the inner me.
Right now I'm taking a break from shelter life and spending some time in a foster home. But I'm still in search of my forever home! If you are interested in adopting me, please contact the shelter's Foster Care Coordinator, Niki Gottesman, at 561-472-8578.
Adoption Promotion:
Regular Adoption Fees:
Cats $50.00
Kittens $75.00
(less than 5 months of age)
Dogs $75.00
Puppies $95.00
(less than 5 months of age)

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