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This Guy Wants $10 Million For This?!!

Jul 08, 2014 -- 10:21am


This is Andrew Rector of New York...ESPN devoted about 90 seconds to the 26-year-old sleeping at a ball game back in April, and now he's suing for damages!

Andrew was at Yankee Stadium for a game against the Boston Red Sox, and FELL ASLEEP during the fourth inning.  The cameras caught him sleeping . . . and then stayed on him.

So the two commentators started talking about him.  They referred to him as, quote, "oblivious" and made fun of him for sleeping.  The clip went a tiny bit viral . . . and Internet commenters also made fun of him, which is what Internet commenters do.

So naturally, Andrew just filed a $10 million LAWSUIT against ESPN and Major League Baseball for disparaging him and leading to a, quote, "unending verbal crusade."

Our take? Lighten Up, Andrew!

sad Bill & Tracy

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