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Guess who's joining Bruno Mars for the Super Bowl Half Time Show?

Jan 13, 2014 -- 8:40am

The "Golden Globes" took place last night in Beverly Hills

Surprisingly none of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were there....Actually, I did see David Foster who is married to Yolanda - so she might have been there.

Anyway...seemed to be a big booze fest in which NO ONE was prepared with acceptance speeches.... 

Hosts AMY POEHLER and TINA FEY were fab, but not on enough - that was the biggest thing on TWITTER.

Also, what was up with the looooooong walks to the stage?  Some winners actually came through the back and/or hopping up on the stage from the side.

 Here was Jacqueline Bisset who won for Best Supporting Performance in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film......

 Unprepared or hammered?!
Cecil C. DeMille Award went to Woody Allen and was accepted by Diane Keaton.

One of the night's most awkward moments was when DIDDY hugged BONO.  It looked like he was going in for a KISS, but Bono pulled away. 

WHO is our favorite actor?!  Tom Hanks of course!

That's according to the annual Harris Interactive poll.  Here's the Top 10:

1.  Tom Hanks

2.  Denzel Washington

3.  Jennifer Lawrence

4.  Julia Roberts

5.  Sandra Bullock

6.  Johnny Depp

7.  John Wayne

8.  Clint Eastwood

9.  (tie)  Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep

No word yet if Bobby Brown gave her away

WHITNEY HOUSTON'S daughter BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN married her adopted "brother" NICK GORDON.  They announced it on Twitter with a picture of their wedding rings.

Bobbi and Nick aren't siblings biologically OR legally.  Nick was "unofficially" adopted by Whitney as a teenager.  Bobbi turns 21 in March.

Not sure if Bobby Brown gave her away either.....

PAMELA ANDERSON has married RICK SALOMON for the SECOND time.  Salomon is probably best known as the male "star" of the PARIS HILTON sex tape.

Pam married him in 2007, but they got an annulment a few months later.  They started hooking up again last year . . . and over the summer, Pam was photographed apparently PERFORMING on Rick in the ocean in Maui.

Pam says, quote, "We're very happy.  Our families are very happy and that's all that matters."

What took them so long?!

ABC is developing a new sitcom starring CHEVY CHASE and BEVERLY D'ANGELO, who starred in the National Lampoon "Vacation" movies together.

They'll play a husband and wife who are forced to raise their grandchildren.

Unfortunately, this show won't be happening any time soon.  It's apparently being developed for the 2015-2016 TV season, which means it's at least a year and a half away.

A while back, we heard that there was a new "Vacation" movie in the pipeline . . . but it's since been put on hold.

So who is joining Bruno for the Half Time Show?!


There's no word yet how that's going to work exactly, or what songs they'll be doing.

 Last year, when BEYONCÉ did the half-time show, 110 million viewers tuned in.  Do you think Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers can draw that kind of audience?

Madonna and Adele teaming up?!

Madonna is planning an album of ballads - thanks to Adele.

The Queen has asked the 25-year-old songstress to help her, promising  in return to write a song for Adele's next record.

'They have met in London and plan  a writing session to produce a track for each other's new albums,' says a source close to 55-year-old Madonna, below.

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